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ZERO: Beyond Regret

God's renewal comes with a way of dealing with the guilt and regret that we all experience. Look into God's Word with us and find out how we can break the hold that guilt and regret can have on us.

ZERO: Safe Place

We need a place where we can survive and thrive. Today, we look at how our zeroing out with Christ provides us a safe place where we can become what He intended for us to be.

LIVE FOREVER: Finding Life In Hard Places

As much as we'd prefer to be taken care of by others, our calling is to care for the needs of others. Today we explore what it means to give life, even with difficult people or in difficult situations.

LOVE SONGS: How Deep Is Your Love?

Greg shares 4 crucial steps to improving our relationships, including marriage, and one crucial ingredient that must flow through them. The result will be moving from dryness and emptyness to life and meaning in these relationships.



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