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“I’ve heard it said that life is short,” says author Greg Fish. “But I’m starting to figure out that it is good. And, good things seem to fly by quickly. Life is a long, full, roller-coaster journey. It’s full of heartache and happiness. I once followed a path that I thought was exactly what I wanted. Then, I learned to get better at following Jesus, and I found a life that was exactly what I needed.”


Greg was born and raised in the small but magical town of Columbus, Indiana; a community known for its world class architecture. After graduating from Greenville College (now University) in Illinois, Greg spent over a decade as an award-winning program director and on-air talent at a southern Indiana radio station. While he had planned to move to Nashville to pursue songwriting, divine intervention directed him to finally say yes to his lifelong ministry calling. He spent 18 years in pastoral ministry in the Free Methodist Church, learning to help struggling churches find ways to turn-around and effectively minister to their communities. Now, through writing, video and social media, he strives to live out a daily mission to be a blessing to others as God leads him to new paths of ministry.

Greg was married to Barbara for 25 years, and she died in February of 2015 after a longtime struggle with debilitating illness. She serves as the inspiration for his first book, “I Will Walk With You.” 

Greg recently married Lisa, a registered nurse, and they are walking together into exciting new journeys and adventures. "It's a beautiful life; full of overwhelmingly painful things, and amazingly beautiful things," Greg said. "I've been to the deep, low places and I've stood on the highest point. God has been faithful every moment, and blesses me in rich, sweet ways that words can't capture."